What’s happening in Mexico City? September 28 – October 12, 2018

Here are four things you can do in Mexico City from September 28 to October 12, 2018 — a little art, culture, music, and a lot of fun!

10 Oct 2018

what's happening in mexico city

1. Exhibition: Saturnino Herrán and other modernists

On Saturday, September 29, the Museo Nacional de Arte (MUNAL) will be inaugurating an exhibition on the Mexican artist, Saturnino Herrán, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of his death.

Saturnino Herrán only lived for 31 short years, but created some of Mexico’s most important paintings. He used allegories in his art as well as an aesthetic charged with symbolism. This is especially relevant considering Herrán lived during the time of the Mexican Revolution; his artwork has been undoubtedly vital to the construction of a national identity.

The exhibition will be on display at MUNAL until February 24, 2019, but catch it while it is the talk of the town.

El Museo Nacional de Arte (MUNAL)
Tacuba 8
Col. Centro Histórico 

saturnino herran

2. New design/clothing store in Condesa: Columpio

Recently, a new design and clothing store called Columpio opened up in Condesa on the corner of Atlixco and Montes de Oca. Its vibe is upbeat, selling clothes and accessories with bold prints and fun colors.
Columpio was founded by Andrea Monroy and Teodoro “Lolo” Moya in Venezuela — their native country. Apart from getting out of the complicated situation their country finds itself in, they arrived in Mexico hoping to explore unknown territory and reach new clients. Their vocation, beyond fashion, is personal expression through their designs.

When you find yourself in Condesa, check out the store. Their products will inspire you to be expressive in your everyday life.

Atlixco 71
Col. Condesa


3. Inauguration of electronic music venue: Japan CDMX

If you were looking for fresh vibes for your nights out, look no further. This weekend Japan CDMX — a new venue for electronic music lovers — is opening in the neighborhood of Roma Norte. On Saturday, September 29, it will be holding its inaugural party starting at 10pm, and is expected to go long into the night.

The line-up features Heavy Weight Dojo, a team of two DJs (Fig and Lumber Jack), Viian, Elsada, and Ruiseñor, artist and DJ that brings images and movement to the music.

The event is free and only for those over the age of 18.

Japan CDMX
Monterrey 56
Col. Roma Norte
Inaugural party (09/29) from 10pm until late

japon cdmx

4. Design Week Mexico

Did you know that Mexico City was designated as 2018’s World Design Capital? Starting on October 10, Design Week Mexico will host a number of events (fairs, forums, and exhibitions) throughout the city regarding various aspects of the design world, from commercial to cultural. Some of the first events include the following: 
— Visión y Tradición at the Museo Nacional de Antropología, beginning on Wednesday, October 10, at 6pm
— Inédito at the Museo Tamayo, beginning on Wednesday, October 10, at 8pm
— Design House located at Monte Líbano 930 in Lomas de Chapultepec, beginning on Thursday, October 11, at 7:30pm

For more information about the aforementioned events, click here

design week mexico