The Guide to Bookstores in Mexico City

These are some of our favorites spots for finding the next paperback you didn’t know you needed.

10 Jul 2019

The Mexican capital is the ultimate place for the unfolding of adventures. Living these tales only inspire you to read about more of them. These nine bookstores in Mexico City are some of our favorites for finding the next paperback you didn’t know you needed.


Hidden on a pedestrian street in Juárez, Aeromoto is a neighborhood library specialized in art and, although tiny, remains an immense space for exploring a diverse collection of publications. In addition to books, the space has old and new magazines, posters, postcards, and catalogs that are difficult to find elsewhere. Although you cannot buy the books, it is possible to rent your favorite titles.

the guide to bookstores in mexico city

Address: Venecia 23, Col. Juárez

Casa Bosques

Casa Bosques is an independent bookstore focused on contemporary art, design, architecture, photography, fashion, and poetry. The purpose of the shop is to offer the Mexican public books and magazines that were once only available in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, or London. With this exploratory spirit, the team gathered the best of local and foreign publishers in a single space.

the guide to bookstores in mexico city

Address: Córdoba 25, Col. Roma Norte

e_spacio Travesías

In Travesías Media’s bookshop, it is possible to find all of our publications — from magazines such as Travesías and Gatopardo to specialized books on art and travel. Also, a select number of Mexican fashion and design objects inspired by the traveler lifestyle, like wallets and passport holders, can be found on display.

the guide to bookstores in mexico city

Address: Amatlán 33, Col. Condesa 

Educal, Centro Cultural Elena Garro

This glass cube in the south of the city is a cultural center that pays tribute to one of the most important women in 20th-century Mexican literature. Inside, the branch of the Educal bookstore is the ideal place for book lovers of all kinds. However, the children’s section is without a doubt the star of the show, with books hanging from the ceiling.

the guide to bookstores in mexico city

Address: Fernández Leal 43, Coyoacán

El Péndulo Polanco

Located in the microcosm of Polanquito, this bookstore is perhaps the most famous among tourists for its well-curated selection of English-language books and its stunning aesthetic. The two-story space boasts floor-to-ceiling shelves of books, inciting endless inspiration. For those that wish to hang around, there is a café perfect for relaxing and starting your newest novel.

the guide to bookstores in mexico city

Address: Alejandro Dumas 81, Col. Polanco 

EXIT La Librería

Founded by the Spanish art curator and critic, Rosa Olivares, EXIT boasts the best collection of contemporary art books since 2014. It is small but substantial in its specialty materials. Here there are editions from all over the world as well as photographs especially taken by international artists to be sold here. The bookstore organizes talks, presentations, and meetings about books and art.

the guide to bookstores in mexico city

Address: Panuco 138, Col. Cuauhtémoc

La Increíble Librería

The designer and editor, Selva Hernández, and the illustrator, Alejandro Magallanes, have such a deep passion for books that they designed this bookstore to spread the love. On the shelves of this small shop, there are (literally) incredible books, all selected and cataloged by Selva and Alejandro. They sell publications by independent publishers such as Almadía and Ediciones Acapulco, as well as old and rare books.

the guide to bookstores in mexico city

Address: Jalapa 129, Col. Roma Norte 

Libros Kurimanzutto

In addition to art books — they have more than 200 titles, many related to the artists that the gallery represents — Libros Kurimanzutto sells catalogs, prints, and everyday objects designed by artists such as canvas bags made by the Colombian, Gabriel Sierra. It is an exclusive space in a gallery that has established itself as one of the most important references of contemporary art in Mexico.

the guide to bookstores in mexico city

Address: Gobernador Rafael Rebollar 94, Col. San Miguel de Chapultepec  

Under the Volcano

Inside the American Legion is one of the most beautiful places to find English-language books in the city. With shelves full of old publications — and a few new ones — of fiction, poetry, philosophy, and history, the shop defines itself as “an embassy for the soul of the English-speaking world in Mexico.” The selection of titles is excellent, and here it is easy to find literary gems at extremely low prices.

the guide to bookstores in mexico city

Address: Celaya 25, Col. Condesa

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