The New Carla Fernández Flagship Store in Juárez

This Mexican designer’s new boutique is located in a three-story house designed by her and the sculptor, Pedro Reyes.

10 Jul 2019

For Carla Fernández, tradition is not static, and fashion is not ephemeral. For more than a decade, the designer has been inspired by Mexico’s geometric patterns and richness in textiles. When designing her garments, she has prioritized, above all, the durability of the materials and the grace of the time-consuming processes. Her pieces are always a small and beautiful synthesis of that vision. Now, the brand has its three-story “embassy” in the Juárez neighborhood. Its facade is made of concrete bricks, and the sculptor, Pedro Reyes, designed the brutalist style interior.

carla fernandez store in juarez

The concept of the store is inspired by the idea of “a future made by hand.” The utilitarian modular style gives the impression of finding yourself in a future imagined in the past. On the ground level, the entire floor is made of concrete blocks with graphic inscriptions that refer to pre-Hispanic writings. Gray tones and a sense of rawness are predominant; however, they are contrasted with the colorful women’s clothes hanging from metal racks with volcanic stone sculptures as bases.

carla fernandez store in juarez

Located on the second floor, there are men’s clothing and household items. The windows are made of raw wood, and the totem racks observe the visitors. On this same floor there is a space that will be dedicated to residences for artisans as well as fashion and textile designers. Finally, on the third floor, there is a lounge area and terrace surrounded by trees. Here workshops and conferences will be given, as Carla has done for several years.

carla fernandez store in juarez

Over the years, Carla Fernández has created a very special tension between local and international, craftsmanship and fashion. In the new store located at Marsella 72, this warp of worlds is materialized.

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