LynLyn: the Fresh, Healthy Deli in front of Parque España

This spot is a cross between a small supermarket, a coffee shop, and a fast food restaurant (but with homemade products).

10 Jul 2019

For those that have fixed work hours, their lunch break is a sacred time. One or two hours go by in a blink of an eye, and it is better to enjoy it without feeling rushed or spending too much money (and of course while eating delicious, healthy food). For days when you’re short on time (and do not necessarily want to sacrifice a good dish), there is LynLyn. This fairly new restaurant opened at the beginning of 2019, is located in Condesa, just in front of Parque España.

ambience lynlyn

However, restaurant doesn’t quite feel like the right term. LynLyn follows more the model of a deli. It combines a small supermarket, a coffee shop, and a fast food restaurant but with artisan products. The tables (like the number of options) are small, but enough. The dishes are assembled according to the preferences of every customer; you can order a main course, one of the garnishes, and a dessert. The menu is constantly changing, but you can always count on there being sandwiches, three main courses, and vegetable side dish options.

On the day we visited, we tasted cold green beans with almonds, a fluffy spinach quiche, couscous with goat cheese and dehydrated tomatoes, as well as a kale salad with perfectly ripe fruits.


side dishes

After only one glance, it is more than obvious that the food is extremely fresh. In fact, the display case is not refrigerated specifically to ensure that everything was prepared the same day. Also, given that everything is pre-made the same day, you can skip the wait. While limited in options, the drinks are tasty and unique. You can order one of their handmade tonic waters (like lemon balm, thyme or lemongrass), chai tea (with mixtures such as turmeric or rooibos), and matcha tea.

Buying food from LynLyn also saves time. Given that its concept encourages customers to order takeaway, you can enrich dinner plans with a portion of their side dishes or quiche, or even brighten up a meal by buying a dessert. We highly recommend the maple bread or the fig pie.


The prices are accessible ($85 pesos for any main course and $40 pesos for any garnish). Also, the constant rotation of the menu ensures that there is always a new casual, healthy eating option.

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