Bazaar Sábado: the reinvention of the beloved market

The famous San Ángel bazaar has undergone a make-over, and is now featuring more modern Mexican design.

10 Jul 2019

Every Saturday in the Plaza de San Jacinto of the picturesque neighborhood, San Ángel, located in the southern part of Mexico City, El Bazaar Sábado (“Saturday Bazaar”) transforms the normally sleepy, peaceful ambiance, with its colorful art, crafts, and flowers, into a bustling artists’ hub.

The Bazaar has always been one of the must-do activities in Mexico City for those curious enough to venture further from the city center. Founded in 1960, this multi-craft market, only held on Saturdays, was an opportunity for artisans and artists to gather in one centralized place where they could be in direct contact with their clients.

That is to say, Bazaar Sábado was the original design bazaar before design bazaars were all the rage. It is undeniably one of the most aesthetic spaces in San Ángel, but it has always had a folkloric-manorial look that often discourages people from visiting. However, recently the market has undergone a reinvention to include, in addition to the plasticine miniatures in jars and the Oaxacan huipils (traditional embroidered blouses), Mexican design brands that have a fresh take on arts and crafts.

Below are a few examples of the Mexican design brands that have begun displaying their work at The Bazaar.



There will now be modern brands of jewelry design, fashion, gastronomy, art, and Mexican crafts. There are, for example, ROMOHERRERA pieces, works by Pedro Friedeberg, the beautiful Macadero jewelry, Carla Fernández clothing, Simona ponchos, and the Takamura collection. Also, you can’t go home without one of our favorite lamps from Candela.

El Bazaar Sábado 
San Jacinto 11
Col. San Ángel
Open Saturdays from 10am – 5pm

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