Loose Blues: the Perfectly Curated Store with Japanese Food

This store and restaurant effortlessly combine delicious Japanese food, vintage culture, and incredible clothes.

10 Jul 2019

The Japanese’s notion of space is very different from the Western one. Beyond the relationship between objects and walls, or empty and full, the Japanese concept of space has to do with how people interact; that is to say, the potential of a space to promote relationships and communication. The restaurant and store Loose Blues is just that: the relationship of its creators, Shota and Jacqueline, with their objects and space as well as with their customers.

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In 2013, Loose Blues arrived at Juárez’s Washington Square as a concept store that stood out for its meticulous curation and Japanese aesthetics. Even though not everything they sell is made in Japan, the truth is that Japanese taste is present in every corner. Not long after, Shota and Jacqueline decided to open a restaurant on the top floor, whose concept is, in a way, the same. Thankfully for us, l.b. dining, as the space is called, is now more than 3 years old.

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On the first floor, you’ll find tattoos, vintage items, and well-made crafts. On the second floor, there’s good food, a family atmosphere, and excellent use of space. For example, they have hosted everything from calligraphy or pottery courses (with Hiroshi and Maya, two extraordinary artists), movie Wednesdays and sake tastings (with Japanese hip hop playing) to flower arranging workshops and art exhibitions. The menu is extensive, consisting of casual Japanese food (changed up every once in a while). For example, you can order don buri (Japanese style bowl), tuna toast, pork with ginger, or potato salad with a slight wasabi flavor. There’s also yamamenko curry, hamachi serranito, or the favorite: the umami burger. This one-of-a-kind burger is made with organic beef, avocado dip, provolone cheese, and caramelized onions (served with french fries).

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Loose Blues sells clothing, accessories, vinyl, and vintage or rare items from stores like Softmachine, todayful, Cycle Zombies, special editions of Uniqlo, or Mexican brands such as Robin Archives. They also sell Japanese, Mexican, and Italian furniture as well as lots of pottery. All is perfectly selected, every single item as beautiful as the next.

Address: Calle Dinamara 44, Colonia Juárez

Adapted and translated by Evan Upchurch

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