The Guide to Green Spaces in Mexico City

These parks and gardens are some of our favorites for reading, strolling, picnicking, running, or playing with your furry friend.

10 Jul 2019

In a place as chaotic as CDMX, it is important to know where to go for some peace, quiet, and at least the illusion that you are outside of the city. These green spaces in Mexico City are some of our favorites for reading, strolling, picnicking, running, or playing with your furry friend.

Bosque de Chapultepec

This giant park is the lungs of Mexico City. It is also without a doubt the capital’s most visited green space. A step inside its gates is like an escape from the gigantic city that never stops. Along the maze of pathways, there are vendors selling everything from bubbles to chicharrón. The idyllic lake and Chapultepec Castle are sights that cannot be missed.

green spaces in mexico city


Desierto de los Leones

“Desierto,” as locals call it, is a national park home to over 4,450 acres of green space ideal for hiking, cycling, and simply enjoying the outdoors. You can also find a 17th-century ex-convent built by Carmelite monks that served as a place for retreat outside of the busy capital. Keep in mind that Desierto is outside of the central part of Mexico City — best to go on the weekend when there is less traffic.

green spaces in mexico city


Jardín Botánico UNAM

The biology department of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) is home to an eden in the form of a botanical garden. The space is used not only for students to hone their skills but also as a place for the public to explore over 24 thousand native Mexican plants. Inside Tienda Tigridia, you can adopt an endangered plant and be given a sort of “birth certificate” to prove it.

green spaces in mexico city


La Mexicana

Located in the business district of Santa Fe, this 66-acre park, inaugurated in 2017, is pristine. With an upscale vibe — thanks to its impeccable maintenance, landscaping, and growing number of food and drink options — and a beautiful view of the skyline, the green area is the ideal place to take the kids, go for a run, skateboard, and bring your furry friends.

green spaces in mexico city


Parque Alameda

Created in 1592 and known as the “oldest park in the Americas,” Parque Alameda is located in the center of Mexico City. Home of the original Aztec marketplace, this urban green space consists of gardens and paved paths dotted with decorative fountains and statues. Ample seating is available to spend time watching people and their comings and goings in this lovely setting.

green spaces in mexico city


Parque Lincoln

As the first park designed in the Polanco neighborhood, it’s a paradise for kids and adults alike. An enormous and amazing playground near the middle of the park is the main attraction, along with open air theaters, statues and a reflecting pool.  The Saturday market sells art, flowers, fruit and veggies, food vendors and more.  Restaurants, coffee shops, and bars galore — there’s something for everyone.

green spaces in mexico city


Parque México

In Parque México, you get the feeling that the Condesa seems to have transformed into a mini forest with more dogs than humans. On the giant open concrete slab, you can find people practicing everything from cheerleading to tango and soccer. There is a specific area for dogs to play, and the benches near the fountain make for an idyllic backdrop to start a new book. Don’t miss out on the delicious food stops on the park’s perimeter.

green spaces in mexico city


Viveros de Coyoacán

In the Coyocacán borough of Mexico City lies the city’s tree nursery and park, Viveros de Coyoacán. Over one million seedlings are produced each year from this park to landscape public areas. Filled with trees, plants, and all things green, Viveros is popular with runners and walkers because of its well-maintained track and trails. Buy a bag of peanuts and you can feed the squirrels while relaxing under a canopy of trees. Oxygen galore!

green spaces in mexico city



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