Lo Sereno, an Oasis of Relaxation on the Pacific

Visit this laid-back boutique hotel where the mountains and ocean meet.

10 Jul 2019

Many people believe that boutique hotels are purely ostentatious. However, there are some properties that move away from that image and reach for simplicity, minimalism, and comfort. An example of this is Lo Sereno Casa de Playa, an oasis of relaxation on a three-mile semi-virgin beach in Troncones.

Lo Sereno defines itself as a barefoot luxury hotel. Designed by Jorge González Parcero, the building uses predominately earthy materials such as wood and concrete as well as contemporary structures that favor open spaces and proximity to nature. As for the interior, Mexico’s cultural authenticity is displayed through the use of handcrafted textiles and palapas.


Built to resemble a house, the building only has two floors, creating the illusion that it is embedded in the Sierra Madre del Sur’s lush vegetation. Inside, the hotel has ten suites (three different sizes available), and all have spacious terraces and views of either the Pacific or pool. Also, the glass encapsulated bathrooms boast a spa raindrop shower head and outdoor patio.

Lo Sereno, an Oasis of Relaxation on the Pacific

Although the hotel only has one restaurant and one bar, the food offer does not disappoint. Seasonal ingredients from the region are used in every dish on the menu, and the dining area and bar are found outdoors, ideal for enjoying a warm night.

It should be noted that the property is a member of Design Hotels, a company that represents more than 300 independent boutique hotels around the world. In fact, the property is found in the category Made by Originals, in which the most novel proposals are listed.


The room to book 

Room B is the suite of your dreams. The 462 sq. foot space has two queen beds, a large private terrace surrounded by palm trees, and a spectacular view overlooking the sea. In addition, the design is stylish without a tinge of pretentiousness.

Lo Sereno, an Oasis of Relaxation on the Pacific


The best open space

Located steps from the sea, La Terraza is the ideal place to read, talk, or have a drink. It is covered by a wooden pergola and features furniture that effortlessly combines with the beach landscape, like teak tables and turquoise Acapulco chairs.

Lo Sereno, an Oasis of Relaxation on the Pacific


Don’t miss…

The ocean. It seems obvious, but it is important to mention that Troncones adapts to all types of beach-goers. Whether you want to lounge by the shore, take a laid-back swim, or ride the waves, it is an ideal destination for everyone.

Lo Sereno, an Oasis of Relaxation on the Pacific


The dish to taste

The restaurant’s seafood is as fresh as can be. Don’t miss out on the hotel’s take on tiritas de pescado: strips of fish wrapped in a cucumber leaf and decorated with slices of serrano pepper and a stream of olive oil.

Lo Sereno, an Oasis of Relaxation on the Pacific


The drink to enjoy 

One of the hotel’s strong points is its mixology team. While there are many options to choose from, the signature drink stands out: Lo Sereno. This cocktail is prepared with vodka and citrus tones as well as a touch of basil.

Lo Sereno, an Oasis of Relaxation on the Pacific


The main character 

Rafael Sainz Skewes is the person behind the space’s creation. After a visit to Troncones nearly 16 years ago, he was captivated by the destination’s breathtaking beauty and peaceful environment. Consequently, Skewes eventually decided to open Lo Sereno, hoping to transmit his passion for the simple joys of life.

Lo Sereno, an Oasis of Relaxation on the Pacific


Getting to Troncones

This charming beach town is located about 19 miles north of Ixtapa, approximately 30 minutes by car. If arriving at the International Airport of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, the drive will be no more than 45 minutes.

Lo Sereno, an Oasis of Relaxation on the Pacific


Adapted and translated by Evan Upchurch



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