Acre: where nature meets luxury in Los Cabos

Gastronomy, accommodations, and a unique concept that will have you fall in love (all over again) with Los Cabos. 

10 Jul 2019

One of the best-kept secrets around Los Cabos is off a dirt road exit that could easily be missed. Amidst the lush vegetation, you will eventually begin to spot small cabins hidden away in the trees. You will then see a path of large blocks of stone, leading to a place like few in Los Cabos. The undergrowth begins to diminish and suddenly a façade appears with large illuminated steps. You have arrived at Acre.

Acre is a project that seeks to approach nature with an innovative idea of luxury. Boasting 25 acres in symbiosis with the San José del Cabo ecosystem allows for an experience different than any other hotel. One of its best attributes is, without a doubt, the lodging. Made with local materials, the cabins built into the trees reaffirm the hotel’s concept. However, the design still manages to retain a rustic aesthetic to the exterior (although the interior is far from it). Some of its characteristics include, but are not limited to, spacious beds, pleasant lighting, a small closet, and a terrace ideal for admiring the natural surroundings from the treetops.


Acre’s restaurant is committed to organic, traditional cuisine. With its own garden as well as a small farm, each of its dishes features delectable vegetables and also the typical delicacies of the Pacific. However, in each of your visits you will find new or reinvented dishes thanks to the hotel’s farm-to-table approach, and, for vegetarians, you’re in luck — there is a wide variety of dishes that differ from the obvious veggie choices.

Nevertheless, this type of cuisine is not unique to the area, and is rather a trend that has made Baja California Sur, and specifically Los Cabos, a destination impossible to miss for food lovers. In Acre’s culinary creations, you will find the chef’s evident desire for fresh ingredients, discovering interesting, new combinations, and the return to using food seasonally.


But that’s not all. Before entering the main part of Acre, there is a small enclosure dedicated to mezcal, where experts can provide you with personalized tastings. Later, you can savor the mezcal that you enjoyed most in accompaniment with any dish in the restaurant or enjoy it at the bar in totally tranquility.


What is Acre’s ultimate secret? For us, it is the atmosphere that, intentionally or not, combines the silence of the surroundings, the indescribable aromas emanating from the kitchen, and the beauty of looking up to see the stars — interrupted only briefly by the twinkling lights draped in the trees and the songs of nocturnal birds.

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