Three Mother-Daughter Lunch Spots in Mexico City

Catch up with mom over a nice meal. Here are three restaurants perfect for a mother-daughter lunch in the Condesa/Roma area.

10 Jul 2019

Lunch (especially a long Mexican lunch) is the ideal moment to take a breather, order a cold beer or glass of wine, and catch up with one of the (if not, the) most important persons in your life. Recently my mother visited me in Mexico City for the first time, and for us, lunch was always a moment of the day to take a break from sightseeing and chat about life’s happenings. In the past week, I have visited the three lunch spots mentioned below. All are located in the Condesa/Roma neighborhoods, and all are picture-perfect for a mother-daughter (or mother-son!) lunch date.


1. Primos

Retro French bistro meets tropical vibes. At this restaurant on the corner of Avenida Mazatlan and Michoacán, friendly waiters in uniform eagerly await to welcome you. The outside terrace feels like you’re having an upscale urban picnic with trees towering above you. Inside, you are transported to a bistro with black and white tiled floors, red doors, perfectly starched white tablecloths, and the standard wall-sized mirror nearly omnipresent in any Parisian bistro. The menu is extremely varied, with a nod to local ingredients as well as international flavors.

mother-daughter lunch spots

2. Los Loosers

Enjoy vegetarian Mexican-Asian fusion cuisine in a simple setting. A pioneer in ethical eating in Mexico City, this restaurant is located minutes from the Cibeles fountain on a calm street in the Roma neighborhood. The small interior houses photos of Japan, random figurines, plants, and high tables; more importantly, it boasts an impressive menu with exclusively vegan options — from avocado tempura with Oaxacan black mole and Garlic Japanese noodles. Their food is thoughtfully presented on authentically charming tableware. The entire experience will leave you considering living the rest of your life as a vegan!

mother-daughter lunch spots

3. Lardo

A favorite in Condesa for locals and tourists that always delivers. Chef Elena Reygadas, also behind Rosetta in the Roma neighborhood, dishes out a Mediterranean-inspired menu in a space that reflects the neighborhood’s down-to-earth vibe. Its floor-to-ceiling windows allow for natural light, and its wrap-around bar and open kitchen are an invitation to experience part of the hustle and bustle. As for the food, the flavors speak for themselves; instead of elaborate presentations, the focus is on the conviviality of the restaurant — allowing good people to sit around delicious food and drinks.

While any occasion with mom is a special one, make her feel special at one of these restaurants where a harmonious combination of design, food, and service come together for an experience ending with a smile when the check arrives.

mother-daughter lunch spots



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