Five Fitness Trends in Mexico City (and Where to Try Them)

A new year always means new exercise goals. Below are five fitness trends in Mexico City (and around the world) to get you started.

10 Jul 2019

In today’s day and age, especially in a social media world, fitness has become more than just physical conditioning. Working out has become something trendy, creating parallel worlds full of fads and selfies. Like almost all the major cities, the Mexican capital is a hub for the fit and fabulous getting in shape in the chicest atmospheres (because if you have to exercise it might as well be fun and beautiful, right?). Below are five fitness trends in Mexico City and places where you can try them.


This form of exercise seems to have taken the world by storm. Surely you have at least one person on your social media feed that constantly posts spinning photos. But for those of you not in the loop, these aren’t any old spinning classes. They are 40-60 minutes of pure cardio in dark rooms with loud upbeat music and attractive trainers motivating you.

Where to try it: Síclo (Polanco, Roma, Santa Fe, San Ángel, Palmas)

Fitness Trends in Mexico City


When most people think of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), they automatically imagine buff men without shirts fighting each other on TV. But there is much more to UFC than meets the eye. Most trendy UFC gyms are not like what you’d imagine; their workouts incorporate a range of mixed martial arts and training exercises to get you in the shape of your life.

Where to try it: UFC Gym Mexico (Polanco)

Fitness Trends in Mexico City


If pilates, ballet, and yoga were to have a child, it would be barre. Adopting its name from its main prop, the ballet barre, this form of exercise is typically frequented by women (but loved by many men too!). It tones your body like that of a dancer’s by doing strength training with high reps of small range-of-motion movements.

Where to try it: Body Barre (Lomas, Santa Fe, Bosques, Polanco, Pedregal)

Fitness Trends in Mexico City

Boot camp

Ever dreamed of hard-core, super fit trainers pushing you to your limit? No? Well, give it an honest try via a boot camp class — it is addicting! Competing with yourself (and your peers) is the perfect motivation for getting in shape. These classes are normally around 60 minutes of intense physical and mental conditioning, in which you will burn a ton of calories and sculpt your body. 

Where to try it: Commando (Santa Fe, Pedregal, Polanco, Interlomas)

Fitness Trends in Mexico City


The practice of yoga is no new trend in the fitness world. We’ve seen it all, from hot yoga, restorative yoga, to yoga with dogs. While many might argue that it is not a workout, attending one class might change their mind. Apart from being an excellent exercise for your mind and spirit, yoga postures bring you strength, flexibility, and balance. Don’t expect to be the best from the start; it truly is a process.

Where to try it: Blanco Yoga

Fitness Trends in Mexico City


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