Niddo, a Restaurant Inspired by World Travels

Enjoy breakfast, brunch, lunch, or delicious coffee from Chiapas at this cozy spot in Mexico City’s Juárez neighborhood.

10 Jul 2019

Niddo is a new cozy, welcoming restaurant nestled in the heart of Mexico City. Since their opening late last year, many people seem to have adopted it as a go-to spot… and for good reason. The atmosphere and design exude a homey feeling, and their breakfast, brunch, and “soul food,” as they call it, consist of delicious, unique dishes—available there or to-go. Also, they sell a line of exquisite aromatic products created especially for the establishment.

Karen Drijanski, her son Eduardo Plaschinski, and family friend Mauricio Reyes Retana were the masterminds behind the concept of Niddo. The three owners share a love of cooking and traveling. In fact, the entire menu is inspired by their trips around the world and the destinations’ local cuisines. Their simple dishes such as the grilled cheese sandwich (which they say is one of the best in the city), breakfast sandwich, or cassoulet have captured the public’s heart.


Dining at Niddo is an entire experience, from its modest but special location to the establishment’s curatorship at the hands of Regina Galvanduque and Andrés Mier y Terán. Not to mention the mouth-watering coffee is from Chiapas, and you can even buy some to take home. As for the bread, it is homemade using the restaurant’s own recipes as well as others from different parts of the world (brioche, babka, scones, and roles).


Niddo’s open kitchen in the dining room area generates a sense of trust and familiarity between the client and the chef. In fact, you will find that the same person who prepares the food serves it; there is no ingredient or process that goes unnoticed.

According to Karen, by combining an open kitchen, pleasant atmosphere, and well-thought-out design, Niddo takes on its family character and fulfills its main function: to serve good coffee and delicious, unpretentious food inspired by a life of travels.



Perhaps Niddo’s most special aspect is the product line that Karen and Eduardo created exclusively for the restaurant. Niddo Contigo includes candles, soaps, and creams infused with an exclusive aroma called “Petrel.” It was named in honor of a bird that returns to its nest guided by the scent.

Whether you visit the space in the morning to enjoy a Chiapas coffee and pan dulce or in the afternoon accompanied by a grilled cheese or fish cakes, Niddo reminds each of its visitors why food should represent a moment of self-pampering. In other words, a space to return home.


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