Terraza Cha Cha Chá: social cuisine and revolutionary views

Eat and have drinks at Terraza Cha Cha Chá, one of Mexico City’s best rooftops, combining “social cuisine” with revolutionary views.

10 Jul 2019

For cities with decent weather and a view to show off, like our beloved Mexico City, rooftops have been popping up left and right for quite some time now. So, how do you sift through the good and the great rooftops? We recommend you look for the spots that go beyond a nice view and a trendy vibe, and go to the places that also provide the ultimate atmosphere, with good food, drinks, and conversation.

Overlooking the Revolution Monument, Terraza Cha Cha Chá is tucked away on the sixth floor of an art deco building in the neighborhood, Tabacalera. Implementing windows instead of walls, the space was intelligently designed keeping its vast view in mind, allowing for a glimpse of the city from every table.

terraza cha cha cha

The rooftop opened in May of this year introducing a simple yet well thought-out menu. According to the chef, the menu is all about “social cuisine”, that is to say a menu that boasts generous portions and encourages sharing. Take for example the 400 grams of rib-eye or the fish of the day. Instead of striving for complexity, like many trendy restaurants nowadays, the menu looks to highlight the flavor and abundance of their curated dishes. From the cocktails to the desserts, each major component is proudly Mexican: tuna from Ensenada, white fish from Oaxaca, or soft crab from Veracruz.

terraza cha cha cha

terraza cha cha cha

The menu also has odes to Mexican street food culture, with snacks like the chicharrón “del parque” — tweaking its original ingredients and preparing it with fresh tuna, cream, cabbage, and salsa. On the weekend, the restaurant sets up a seafood bar with Baja’s chocolate clams, oysters (both raw and grilled), and shrimp. For our sweet-tooth readers, we recommend indulging in the merengón, consisting of three layers of merengue with lemon tea custard and strawberries soaked in raspberry vinegar.

If you’re not looking for a meal, Terraza Cha Cha Chá equally serves as the ideal meet-up spot with friends for a cocktail, glass of wine, or beer — especially around 7:30 when the sun is hiding behind the monument.

Tip: The good places don’t stay secret for long. Be sure to make a reservation.


Terraza Cha Cha Chá
De La República 157, Col. Tabacalera
Open Tuesday to Saturday, 1pm-1:30am
Phone: 5705 2272

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