The Best Ice Cream and Popsicle Shops in Mexico City 

We all love Nevería Roxy — it’s a given — but check out these six other spots selling mouth-watering, refreshing treats. 

10 Jul 2019

As the warmest season in Mexico City, spring is the ideal time of the year to be outside, but all of that walking can also work up an appetite for something refreshingly sweet. For those familiar with the capital, everyone knows that Nevería Roxy, with its classic flavors and even more classic locales, has always been the favorite for sweet tooths. For those willing to expand their horizons, here are six other ice cream and popsicle shops in Mexico City well worth trying.

Bendita Paleta

In the corner of the back section of Mercado Roma, there is a small locale with a simple sign and a selection of colorful, gourmet popsicles that look as if they are straight out of a waffle press. The fruit used is 100% natural from Mexico, and even the water-based popsicles manage to taste creamy.

the best ice cream and popsicle shops in mexico city

What to try? Fresa con crema (strawberry with cream), guayaba (guava), or maracuya (passion fruit) with chile and chamoy

Location: Mercado Roma, Querétaro 225, Roma Nte. and other locations throughout the city


Blend Poptails

Directly in front of Bendita Paleta in Mercado Roma, there is another stand called Dulce Almacén selling everything from bottles of mezcal to chile candies. They also sell gin, Licor 43, and other alcohol-infused popsicles. Perfect for a hot weekend day or after-lunch treat during the week.

the best ice cream and popsicle shops in mexico city

What to try? Mojito, Hendricks with cucumber, Mimosa

Location: Mercado Roma, Querétaro 225, Roma Nte. or The Shops at Downtown, Isabel la Católica 30, Centro


Helados Cometa

Inside this small establishment in Roma, the ice cream is handcrafted without any artificial preservatives. In fact, all of the ingredients are organic and of Mexican origin. The flavors that you will find reflect the fruits that are currently in season. 

the best ice cream and popsicle shops in mexico city

What to try? Piña (pineapple), jamaica (hibiscus), jengibre (ginger)

Location: Colima 162, Roma Nte.


Helados Palmeiro

Found inside Mercado Medellín, in a corner spot with a sign that doesn’t coincide with its name, Eugenio, originally a molecular biologist from Havana, has been selling Cuban-style ice cream for nearly fourteen years. The ice cream is perfectly creamy, served with a smile, and will definitely have you coming back.

the best ice cream and popsicle shops in mexico city

What to try? Nata (cream; the most sold flavor) or mantecado (roughly translated to shortbread; Eugenio’s grandmother’s recipe)

Location: Mercado Medellín, Local 507, Campeche 101, Roma Nte. 


La Especial de Paris

It is said that the best vanilla ice cream in Mexico City is found in this traditional shop located between Monumento a la Madre and Monumento de la Revolución. You can also choose from their other 50 classic and unique flavors.

the best ice cream and popsicle shops in mexico city

What to try? Vanilla, fresa con albahaca (strawberry with basil)

Location: Insurgentes Centro 117, San Rafael 


Pantera Fresca

This tiny blue and white striped shop on Tamaulipas is the ideal stop after a stroll in Parque México or lunch at one of the Condesa hotspots. While there is ice cream for sale, popsicles are the specialty (both water and milk based). Refreshing and delicious, one won’t seem to do the trick.

the best ice cream and popsicle shops in mexico city

What to try? The special malteada de fresa (strawberry milkshake) “Conejo en la luna” (with a chocolate bunny at its core) or panditas (gummy bear)

Location: Tamaulipas 143, Condesa, and other locations throughout the city  


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