The Universe of Enrique Olvera

This rockstar chef’s name resonates around the world. Get to know his different projects located in Mexico City. 

10 Jul 2019

Mexico City is mandatory on every foodie’s wish list, and if you are even the slightest bit interested in gastronomy, you know that Enrique Olvera is the star of modern Mexican cuisine. This world-renowned chef has been the country’s pride and joy for nearly 20 years, continuously reinterpreting and evolving his cooking style while never losing sight of traditional techniques. When visiting the Mexican capital, savoring a dish by Olvera cannot be missed. Here is a list of the four projects in Mexico City created by the culinary genius.

enrique olvera


Opened in 2000, this restaurant is the flagship of Enrique Olvera. The six-course menu offers a variety of national ingredients that will put you in touch with the exquisite flavors of Mexico. The mole madre, mole nuevo dish — a fresh mole surrounded by one that’s been aged for nearly three years — is representative of Olvera’s mission: to serve dishes combining Mexico’s rich past and creative future. As for the vibe, the mid-century mod house in Polanco was reworked to emanate a bright, open, and less formal feeling than Pujol’s original location.

enrique olvera

Currently number 13 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants List, Pujol never goes out of style and continues to be a cornerstone for contemporary Mexican cuisine. Be sure to make a reservation a month or more in advance.

Order the: papadzul — a Yucatecan stuffed tortilla — with wild herbs in the fourth course. Also: the “taco omakase” menu served at the bar.

A: Tennyson 133, Polanco
T: +52 55 5545 4111



With five locations across Mexico City, from a space inside the Jumex Museum to the trendy Roma neighborhood, Eno is Enrique Olvera’s answer to a modern version of the classic Mexican loncherías. This mini-franchise of café-bistro-gourmet shops is the ideal solution for experiencing Olvera’s culinary philosophy without paying big bucks at Pujol. You can enjoy local, seasonal, and ethically produced products thoughtfully used in their unpresumptuous dishes.

enrique olvera

At Eno, the ambiance is casual and warm, with large tables meant for communal dining and a long bar for a quick bite. On the weekends, the vibe is more family-friendly while during the week it hosts more office goers. Furry friends are also welcome.

Order the: delicious coffee, the famous chocolate chip cookie, and a torta

A: Francisco Petrarca 258, Polanco
T: +52 55 5531 8535


Molino el Pujol

On Benjamín Hill Street, in the Condesa neighborhood, you can find the newest project launched by chef Enrique Olvera: a tortillería by the name of Molino el Pujol. But why open a tortilla shop in a city that seems to sell them at every block? With a small location and mighty intentions, the shop exists to recover the tradition of the non-industrial tortillería by using Mexican creole corn instead of the processed Maseca corn.

enrique olvera

At Molino el Pujol, you will find tortillas of all colors, from blue to yellow, depending on the corn that is available from local producers. The shop also sells a selection of moles and other salsas that can be found at Pujol, all at a lower price, as well as dry products in bulk, such as beans and corn.

Apart from the tortillas, order the: café de olla for breakfast or an elotito (baby corn) served with chicatana ant, coffee, and chile costeño mayonnaise for lunch.

A: Benjamín Hill 146, Condesa
T: +52 55 5271 3515


Casa Teo

When Pujol moved out of its original location for a nearby larger space, Enrique Olvera couldn’t bear to say goodbye, and he decided to give it a second life. The building was tastefully transformed into a minimalist style boutique bed & breakfast. Casa Teo was created to house chefs visiting Mexico City and host cooking workshops, but nonchefs can also solicit their unique stay through Airbnb.

enrique olvera

At Casa Teo, the dining room and open kitchen are at the heart of the design. There is even a library featuring books related to gastronomy personally chosen by Enrique Olvera. But the experience is not limited to a beautiful space. It also includes a full in-house team featuring Pujol alumni that will do everything from providing their expertise in local activities and activities to preparing the perfect breakfast to start your day.

A: Francisco Petrarca 254
T: Contact via their website or Airbnb


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